B&W Waste Management Services offer an asbestos surveying service. This can be a management, refurbishment, demolition or re-inspection survey. Every commercial and domestic building show use these surveys to keep their asbestos registers up-to-date.

Our survey report turnaround is very quick to give you the results you need as soon as possible. We are more than happy to go through the comprehensive report with you upon receipt.

Damp & Timber surveys can be carried out for a whole building or different specific areas such as a wall. Damp is detected by using professional pieces of equipment such as an Electrical Moisture Meter. The figures shown by the meter advise the surveyor how bad the damage may be. They would use their expertise and experience to determine what type of damage the area might have.

After the survey is complete, a comprehensive report will be sent over to the client showing the cause of the damage if applicable and specifically where it is. If requested by the client, a formal quote will be made for the repairs along with a 20 year guarantee as an extra.

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