Secure Shredding

We have two shredders here at B&W which we use to destroy materials and also try and condense our waste as much as possible to reduce our carbon footprint. This also helps us to reduce both onward haulage costs and emissions.

Our shredders are capable of destroying many dry materials from paper to metal items. Customers can deliver their hazardous waste to us our site and are able to watch our shredders in action giving them to chance to have a first-hand view of their waste being destroyed.

More commonly the hazardous waste that we receive is placed in our shredding facility area and shredded when our operatives feel that it is most efficient to do so.

Customers of ours collect our plastic on a regular basis as we condense so much of it whether it is dirty or clean. For more information on what plastic materials we shred, please contact the office.


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