If you are planning to disturb an area in your house or place of work that could potentially be asbestos then you should have that area sampled before proceeding with any further works as you could contaminate the entire area.

Put your mind at rest and give us a call so we can guide you as to what the correct option would be before you potentially make a very costly decision.

Suspected asbestos samples are brought into us everyday where the object will be analysed by an independent analyst and once completed you will receive a very detailed analysis of the results so you know exactly what the substance might be. We can also advise you to what procedures we think are relevant if the sample taken is asbestos.

The samples we take only have to be palm size of where you suspect asbestos in the material. There are many different types of asbestos but some are more common than others meaning the time to analyse the material can vary. Due to most asbestos being similar, it allows us to retrieve your results as quickly as possible so you are not waiting to carry out any works where you have suspected asbestos.

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