Steele & Bray Limited

Remove asbestos containing materials from 36 no. Housing Association flats throughout three storey 1960’s block and bring back to our own licenced Hazardous Waste Transfer Station for safe onward disposal. The project involved a mix of “Notifiable” and “Non Notifiable” works and involved removing the following:-

  • 1448 sq. m. of floor tiles and 140 l.m. of cement pipes from flats within entire building
  • 42m2 external cement panels from entire property
  • 14 toilet cisterns & 17 Sink pads from entire property
  • 3m2 paper backed lino to single flat
  • 1m2 cement panels within brick walls to 6 No. flatsAIB Cavity vent boards, AIB packers to beams, AIB debris to 2 No. flats,
  • Encapsulating AIB packers to beams in-situ