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50 Years Looking After The Environment

B&W has been based in Bedford since 1962 and now operates from a suite of offices on the Twinwoods Business Park just north of Bedford. Adjacent to the offices is our 24,000 sq ft facility which was Bedfordshire’s first indoor hazardous waste transfer station and which processes all the hazardous waste we collect or receive ready for recycling. Our fleet of varied commercial vehicles and trained operatives cover the East Midlands, East Anglia and the Northern Home Counties.

All of our companies have the requisite licences for its particular sector and our accreditations include quality assurance, health & safety, environmental, equal opportunities and trade associations. B&W utilises an integrated I.T. system which ensures close co-operation between the individual companies allowing a “Joined Up” service to our Clients.

The combination of the large number of our long standing Clients and the volume of repeat business across B&W are a result of our commitment to providing our customers with an efficient and economical service. This is further evidenced by our Clients’ willingness to provide recommendations for our work. B&W's turnover comes from both negotiated and tendered work which allows us to remain competitive. These are complimented by a good number of Frameworks and “Call Off type arrangements.

To compliment B&W’s current capabilities a joint venture is currently building a 3.4 MW Waste to Energy Plant. It is intended, for Twinwoods Heat & Power to be able to use some of the waste that is brought into B&W Waste Management as fuel for the plant. This will further confirm B&W’s commitment to being pro-active in providing environmentally friendly solutions to our Clients’ waste requirements.

The Future of B&W

More exciting events happening in 2015!

  • Borneo

    In 2015, B&W agreed to sponsor Greg Wagstaff to help raise money for himself and other classmates to travel to Borneo in order to create new living accommodations, school and...

  • Twinwoods Heat & Power Ltd

    In 2015, the largest Power Plant in Bedfordshire is going to be opening at Twinwoods Business Park aiming to supply green electricity over the county of Bedfordshire. This technology used...

  • Bedford Junior Blues

    B&W Group are a proud sponsor of Bedford Athletic Rugby Club and have been for many years. This is due to the owning family of B&W all being fond rugby...


Our history

Here you can read from the start how B&W got to where they are now.

1962 - 1980

B&W started as Industrial Cleaners 7 days a week for some large clients such as Sainsbury’s but also many other smaller clients. These jobs involved ensuring that working areas were all clean, tidy and suitable to work in every day.

This section of the started to fade out of the B&W Company as the 1980’s was slowly approaching. We were a well-known industrial cleaning company and we still get asked questions now about our work from over 30 years ago.

1980 - 2000

Industrial cleaning works started to minimise as two new sections of the company were introduced. These were Damp & Timber services along with Asbestos Removal.

As you will see these companies are still up and running now which shows how much experience we have in our works. Since this time the companies have updated themselves with new equipment and so forth but some employees are still working with us due to their excellence in their trade’s loyalty to both B&W and our customers.

2000 - 2014

In addition to both Asbestos Removal and Damp & Timber, the first indoor Hazardous Waste Transfer Station was opened where we made an early start of making the environment a greener place to live; this is known as B&W Waste Management.

Other projects that B&W as a whole have been involved with are ones such as Twinwoods Heat & Power. This is the greenest waste to energy plant in Bedfordshire which aims to be providing our community with power in July 2015.


B&W has come a very long way throughout the years and we are now trying our best to improve our facilities and ensure that all our customers are constantly pleased.

New projects are being carried out to do with B&W such as Twinwoods Heat & Power and we are aiming to introduce many more charitable projects over the years in addition to our latest sponsor in Borneo.

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